About Legacy

Bill and Lorene Couture have a colorful history as performing Professional musicians. With a career spanning 50 plus years in the Entertainment industry, they have played all kinds of venues. From smelt fries to big arenas to Casinos and outdoor shows, they survived by adapting. In the beginning, it was HOSTAGE......billed as the premiere production band. Born in the late 70's, HOSTAGE reached its heyday in the 80's.....performing for the NEC's ...the National Educational College circuit, lead in for main acts like Ted Nugent, Black Oak Arkansas,  Night Ranger, the Grass Roots, Johnny Lange, etc...

With a major fire occuring at "Stoppers" in Superior, Wisconsin in 1984, the band thought it was the end. they salvaged what they could and later reformed under the name of Free Ride. Changing their set lists and dumping the Sound and Light crew and multiple agents......they started to actually make money. Honing it down to 4 people on stage......

This incarnation lasted well into the 2000's.....But....the times they were a changing. Mucical venues were reduced to one night a week, if that. Some bands shared the stage even then. They knew it was time to move on to something that paid the bills. They got day jobs. 

Bill and Lorene let music slide for awhile, always wondering what they would end up doing. Legacy was formed as a result of an undying love for what they do.,,,,MUSIC is in their blood. And...they do it all!!

Sounding like a 6-piece band, LEGACY delivers the goods.

Bill's guitar work is sweet and sassy......ranging from Journey to U2... He masters his instrument as a seasoned Pro would. His vocals are melodic and true....harmonizing well and filling in with exactly what's needed in the song.

Lorene is a phenom with the vocals......her range is incredible.....from Stevie Nicks to Tina Turner, Cher, Janis, Steve Perry, Bono, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, Heart, Cindi Lauper, the list goes on.... "Never been stumped, never will be", says Lorene.  She also plays the keyboards, matching Bill's style and virtuosity perfectly.  In addition.....she's manning the drums with her feet and hands...not an easy task.  Some singers do just that.....sing... and that's cool.   Try doing all the above.

They are not planning on stopping any time soon.....this is the future of this band.

Come hear LEGACY.....you will love the show!